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"I now feel that I can answer the phone and open my mail without being concerned with who was on the other end looking for money. "
~Ginger - Victoria

"The budget sheet on line was very helpful. "
~Tony - Central Sannich

About Ottawa Insolvency:

Welcome to Ottawa Insolvency, part of D&A MacLeod Company Ltd.

In tough financial times, it can be difficult to begin to see your financial path. At time the level of debt can be so overwhelming that you feel that no matter what you do, you will never get your debts under control. To find that you are insolvent may mean that you are not able to meet your personal financial obligations as they come do. Also, you may find that even if you sold, or liquidated everything that you own, like you vehicle, house and personal possessions, you would not be able to pay off all of your debts.

When you find that you are insolvent, turning to someone who can outline your options is the best place to begin. At Ottawa Insolvency and D&A MacLeod Company Ltd. our professional staff provide guide you through your options such as a formal debt repayment plan to your creditors, or if necessary to guide you through the bankruptcy system in Canada.

If you are in Ottawa or surrounding areas such as Kanata, Gloucester, Orleans, or Nepean, D&A Macleod Company Ltd. are here to answer your questions. The Ottawa Insolvency Trustees and administrators offer a FREE Consultation where you can sit down in for an in-office discussion where the insolvency professional can review your personal debt situation and outline your options.

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